Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the Make

There's a new John D MacDonald reprint on the way.

In July of this year the arrestingly-named Gutter Books will reprint MacDonald's 13th novel, A Bullet for Cinderella, under the author's original title On the Make. First published by Dell in 1955, the novel enjoyed a brief life under the One the Make title when it was reprinted in 1960, but the novel's original published title was made clear on the cover of the reprint (see below). Based on the new cover available on Gutter Books' website, there doesn't seem to be any attempt the do the same with the new edition. Since A Bullet for Cinderella is one of only a few non-Travis McGee JDM books still in print -- Wonder Audiobooks recently published an eBook version -- it seems odd that Gutter would not make that clear.

Gutter Books is the publishing arm of Out of the Gutter, a modern-day Pulp journal created by Matt Louis which advertises itself as "The Modern Journal of Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature." It's been called everything from "gritty" to "disturbing" to "filth," and one writer even named it "the herpes-ridden juvenile delinquent of all periodicals." More the grandchild of the Thompson/Goodis School of hopelessness, one wonders what its readers will think of the relatively staid and moralistic John D MacDonald being re-published under its banner. Possibly like an aged schoolmarm accidentally walking into a full-blown orgy.

The reprint boasts two new essays -- which for me is reason enough to purchase a copy -- and an excellent cover. It can be pre-ordered directly from the publisher now (free shipping) or from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble when it eventually does come out. There will also be digital versions available. The book costs $12.95.

I recently wrote a lengthy piece on A Bullet for Cinderella, which you can read here.

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