Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peter James Interview

British crime novelist Peter James was interviewed recently and cited The Deep Blue Good-By as one of the "top five crime novels of all time." Read it here. Too bad both the book's title and MacDonald's surname are misspelled...


  1. Loved the link. Will have to pick up a James book.

    Koontz particularly likes to use the numbers 7 and 24. Important numbers on there own but I believe Koontz's uses them because it is his favorite author MacDonald's birthday.

  2. I haven't read any Koontz in years, and wasn't aware of the number thing. Fascinating...

  3. Actually, the British version is called "The Deep Blue Good-bye", that being the British spelling. The other McGee title that is different is "Pale Grey for Guilt".

    See and (upper right).

  4. Thanks for the correction. I should have done a bit more research.