Monday, August 23, 2010

Attention Art Lovers

I've added the original magazine artwork for a couple of short stories I wrote about awhile back. The first is for "Jail Bait," which I omitted because of some obvious water damage. I thought about it and decided it's too cool looking not to share, streaks or no streaks. The second is for the sublime "The Bear Trap," which I only just discovered sitting in the bottom of a box.

"The Bear Trap" was illustrated by Austin Briggs, while "Jail Bait" was done by Ernest Chiriacka.


  1. Steve, just a note to say that I've enjoyed your posts on JDM and have added your blog to my favorites so I can check back for additional comments, etc.

    You might want to check out Steve Lewis' blog Several JDM novels were recently reviewed with interesting comments.

  2. Thank you Walker, and thanks for the link. You're right, there is some very insightful writing featured in that blog. I'll make sure to read it going forward.