Thursday, July 28, 2011

Travis McGee Book & Dining Club

Trap of Solid Gold readers who happen to live in Florida  -- specifically in the St. Petersburg area -- will be interested to learn that a Travis McGee Book and Dining Club is in the process of forming. Established by Debra Davies, who in her organizer role is calling herself "Miss Agnes," the group plans to get together periodically at a local restaurant or bar similar to the kind McGee himself would have frequented and discuss the canon in the order of publication. First up -- of course -- is The Deep Blue Good-By.

Debra has set up a Meetup page which you can reach by clicking the link below, and would-be members are asked to come prepared by reading Blue in advance. No specific location for the first meeting has been chosen yet, but let's hope place is well stocked with Boodles gin!

Wish I could be there... here's the link:


  1. That seems like a lot of fun... perhaps they need a London extension? I'd gladly host a "Tea and Travis"...

  2. All right! We'll all crash at Jared's place!

  3. Hello Steve--
    Not sure if you're aware of this:
    The blogger, Drew McWeeny, is doing his best to spread the Gospels of McGee...

  4. Thanks for the link Joe, that was a great piece. McWeeny is even wordier than I am! And at the rate I am going -- covering the novels in chronological order -- it may be years before I make it to the Travis McGee novels. If I live that long...

  5. Here’s a quote about John D. Macdonald that I often see bouncing around the web (I hesitate to quote from Wikipeida, which we all know is generally stuff we can wipe our asses with, but this seems legit). “Macdonald is by any standards a better writer than Saul Bellow, only Macdonald writes thrillers and Bellow is a human heart chap, so guess who wears the top grade laurels?” That’s from Kingsley Amis.

    1. That quote comes from a newspaper column written by Clarence Petersen for the Chicago Tribune in 1973. Petersen -- a longtime champion of MacDonald's work -- was himself quoting Amis but he gave no attribution.